#1 Goal – My mid year resolution

Let’s get the house keeping item out of the way.  Below is a top and bottom that I bought for my daughter.  They were both 30%  off with my Value Village stamp card.  The top was $4.49 and bottom was $3.99 before the discount.  I love seeing her chubby arms in tank tops.

Nora Carter Top_VV_June2015

Carter Top_$449VV Pants_May_2015

In 2011, I managed to develop the habit of waking up between 5am-5:30am to work out.  This habit lasted about two years and I was really happy during this time.  On the days that I did not work out, waking up early allowed me to prepare my meals and it gave me a competitive edge at work.

Since having a baby and returning to work, it has be come extra hard to try and wake up that early but I think I can do it this year by slowly making small changes.  For the month of July, my small change will be to be in bed by 10pm on week nights, regardless of what is happening.  I will be in bed at 10pm, even if there’s laundry to be done, or meals to be cooked or work to be done.

I want to start working out at 5:45am again instead of 7pm currently, I want to have a few days a week where I start my work day at 6am and think strategically instead of reacting to things.  I want to use this time to meditate and reflect on the day’s goals.  This one habit of being up at 5am will have a positive effect in all areas of my life.  This one habit will be a game changer towards achieving better health and happiness. Wish me luck!


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