5 things I can’t live without

First, our regular programming.  Nora wore this jacket almost everyday this past spring.  I got a such a thrill finding this Joe Fresh jacket for only $2.99 2015-04-19_blackjacket 2015-05-31 nora2015-06-07 14.36.58

I am such a creature of habit and don’t really enjoy shopping (I know, what’s wrong with me).   This is probably because I am a true loner at heart.

But when I decide on wanting something, I have to have it and it is usually something I will use or wear all the time.

apple watch - Copy

1. In short, I know it is a overpriced fitness band.  And that is my primary use.  I use it on every run and every work out.  I also obsess about how often I stand everyday and  how many calories I burn each day.  The apple watch is perfect for my fitness OCD tendencies. I usually take it off when I bath Nora and I feel so naked.  I want to do a full review of the apple watch soon but for now, all I will say is it meets my expectations.


2. I worked at United Colors of Benetton in high school and always got excited at the beginning of every new season.  When we got a big shipment, one of the key tasks was steaming all the clothes before they hit the sales floor.  I always volunteered to steam the clothes because I loved seeing the steamer smooth out the wrinkles.  I always thought that someday when I was making a salary, this would be one of the first luxury items I will buy.  Luckily, ML bought this for me shortly after we graduated from university.  I use my steamer about 3-5 times a week and he made sure to buy me the Jiffy brand as that was the brand we had at Benetton.

hot water dispenser

3. I am the laziest person I know (it’s my dirty secret).  I love, love, love drinking lukewarm water.   Every morning, the first thing I do is boil water and for years I always complained about it.  When ML and I first lived together and our kettle broke, I was so moody during that time, it took so long to boil water on our stove (in my mind it felt like forever).  About 3 years ago, I decided to finally buy a Zojirushi hot water dispenser.  I use this every morning and several times at night.  On the weekends when we’re home, I probably use it 10x a day.  It makes me feel like I am a millionaire the fact that I don’t have to boil water.  Aside from my family, I would save my Zojirushi if my house was on fire.


4. I’m not too proud of this item just because I am now learning how bad it can be to be addicted to screens.  My ipad combines my love for magazines, podcasts and books.  I read all my magazines on this, check out library books and download it on my ipad and use my Kindle app mainly on my ipad.  When I started to sleep train Nora to sleep at 7pm, while she fell asleep on my chest, I would have my ipad in one hand reading books until 10pm when I finally fell asleep.  When I am cooking, I have my ipad near by as I don’t buy hard cover cook books anymore.  I have used android tablets and I don’t think it can hold a candle to the ipad.

headsets - Copy

5. This item is a new addition to my daily routine.  I have only been using the Bluetooth headset for the past 4 months.  I am obsessed with listening to podcasts.  I cannot do laundry unless a podcast is on, or cook or clean.  Sometimes it feels crippling when the battery on my headset is dead.  I love that the headset can travel with me throughout the house and I don’t have to carry my phone with me.  I love running with the headset and don’t have to worry whether the strings are long enough. I walk from the GO train to my work and again, the phone can be in my bag while I listen to my music or pod cast.


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