Orange Inspiration

My apartment is adjacent to a mall and a subway station. With all the rain that we’ve been getting, I find myself procrastinating at the book store flipping through tonnes of magazines and books for hours on end. During my last coffee break on a rainy Sunday, I found this layout that I really liked.


In Style Magazine - Orange Inspiration


After seeing this layout.  I was inclined to pick this up  at Goodwill.  There’s a few things that need to be to be altered.  I’d like to cut the sleeve so they become 3/4 sleeve.  For sure a hem job is needed for this dress as well as moving the waist line up.  I want to find a nice nude slip to wear under neath the dress it to give it a classic look and of course a nude belt would be a subtle contrast to round out the whole look.


Orange Dress from Goodwill



Local Labels: Sew Be It

I am huge fan of the local movement.  I think there can be a healthy mix of local and global with the economy we have today.

Anyways, this post is really about the Sew Be It Label 2011 Launch party next week.  I’ve been a fan of Sew Be It since I took my first class there.  And now I come back as often as I can for the Sewing Club.

Not only is this studio thriving but it is also mentoring young and aspiring designers to pursue their dreams.  The label mostly makes clothes for girls in their teens so most of the pieces probably won’t fit me.  But I am happy to attend and show my support for local talent.

Last year’s party looked like a blast.

Pick me up

I think every woman needs to have a red pencil skirt in her closet. It is a timeless piece that will make you feel lovely and beautiful when you need it most.

I got mine from Goodwill and it required some minor alterations. The first was made to my body.
You see my waist always expand a little during the christmas holiday. So I had to wait a good month before my waist was small enough to wear it. The second alteration was made to the length of the skirt. I wore this skirt the whole winter and can not wait to pair it with some funky colours this summer.