Giovan Skirt

This weekend could not have been more lovely.  ML and I had dinner at Zen Sushi on Saturday night and woke up the next day to visit our favorite neighbourhood and brunch at Grapefruit  Moon.

We walked over to Vermont Square to see lots of happy children playing in the park while their loyal dog watch behind the gate wondering why they can’t be part of the fun.

This is my first post and so bear with me.  I did not accessorize this look and I look totally stiff.  The skirt I am wearing is a piece from Value Village and I wore it earlier in the week but did not get a chance to take the picture then.

The texture feels like polyester and the size says it is a 40.  The label says it is made in Italy and the brand is Giovan.  I have never heard of it and too lazy to try and google it today.   I love the colour and received lots of compliments the day I wore it.  I have to take very good care of it as I hope to wear it for years to come.

Giovan Skirt

Shirt: Banana Republic

Shoes: Cole Haan