Easter fun in Toronto

This Easter Weekend has been one of the most memorable and fun.  The great thing is that it was all impromptu.  Friday, ML came over and we hung out by taking a nice long walk in the woods in Highland Creek.  The valley behind Scarborough Campus is really calm and beautiful, it’s too bad I did not take full advantage of it as a student.

In the evening we met up with ML’s cousin and wife for a few pints, which turned into a night of drinking and singing at Twister Karaoke.   I still cannot believe I did not get to bed until 5am.

Saturday was dinner and dessert with good friends and Sunday was morning was supposed to be filled with coffee and my sunday New York Times.  However, ML and I stumbled upon the Easter Day parade on Queen St East and it was a blast.

Unfortunately I forgot to wear a lovely pair of Nordstrom ballet flats I got from Value Village.  My shoe size is a size 4, so I would never in a million years expect to find any shoes at Goodwill or Value Village since I can’t even find them at  regular stores, so you can imagine my delight when I found these flats one day at Value Village.

I hesitated buying shoes for hygienic reasons, but there are lots of ways to disinfect shoes like one disinfectant bags bought off the ebay.

I can’t wait to wear them next time for a stroll in the park.

Nordstrom Ballet Flats