In search of my Roots

Since I  moved into the core of the city, I’ve been more pragmatic about the way I dress.  Function has become just as important as Style.  Months ago, before the Fall 2010 shows started to take place, I searched the city for over the shoulder purses and beautiful scarfs.

The scarfs look great while keeping me warm.  One of my favorites purse purchases has been a Roots over the shoulder purse.  It’s great for a casual evening out to the bar or to dinner.

Over the Shoulder Roots Bag
Scarf from ValueVillage

Coat: Banana Republic

Boots: Nordstrom

On a side note, Toronto is going through a municipal election right now.   I am still on the fence while ML feels very strongly about one candidate.  Rob Ford is a big debate in our house hold.  ML’s parents own a small business and they work very hard.  ML can’t stand over spending at city hall and is a strong supporter of Ford.  More and more, I am starting to see the appeal of Ford.