Blogging again…

It’s been a long hiatus.   For the sake of brevity, I’ll just share that I had a baby and live in the burbs.  And on most days, I live a happy, content and peaceful life, filled with love and laughter.

I won’t be strictly blogging about my Value Village and Goodwill finds and will blog just about anything and everything.  The majority of entries will still be about buying used goods.  I love the idea of making use of something that is useless to someone else.  It’s my way of saying we’re all all useful/valued to someone, even of someone else may have no use for us.

My goal is to blog once a week and not just on this blog.  But another blog I started with my sister two years ago, before we both had our babies.   I’m probably being overly ambitious but that’s just how I am.  Maybe someday, I’ll learn.

Now on with our regular programming….I found this little romper for Nora at Value Village.  It was too big for her at the time (June 2014) but by August 2014, she had grown into it nicely.


One piece – Walmart George Romper

Value Village at $1.99

Hair band – Rhyla

Hair clip – Carters


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