The City of Lights: Wish List

I am excited to be returning to Paris, this time on my honeymoon.  I expect Paris in the fall to be romantic and dreamy.  I think it’s way more fun to plan outfits for Paris in the fall than summer.

When I think of shopping in Paris, there are 10 quintessential things that come to mind. I don’t think ML will let me buy all 10 but a girl can dream.

1. ERES one piece swimsuit.  I have my one piece black Speedo swimsuit for post binging/feasting swim days but I’ve longed for a proper grown up one piece from ERES for a couple of years now.  I definitely want to pick up two classic styles in white and black. Below are the styles I am hoping to pick up, the blue one comes in black, yey!


2. Cosabella.  Even though it’s origin is in Italy.  When I first learned of Cosabella 3 or 4 years ago, I always thought it was a French transplant.  And even though there are a dozen or so shops that carry Cosabella in Toronto.  There’s no better place to pick up a couple of pieces from Cosabella than Paris, while on your honeymoon.

3. Longchamp. Suprise Suprise.  This one is quite predictable for females over 25 years of age.  I love this brand of bags.  They are understated. Their branding is not intrusive and they know how to keep it simple.  I have to small ones that I love. It’s very difficult to find a cross body Longchamp or one that has a shoulder strap.  I will definitely make a visit but whether I make a purchase is iffy.  I have more than my share of bags and would probably either choose one that is versatile.  One that can be used on the weekends as well as for work.


More pleats please!

I love wearing pleats and have been adding more to my wardrobe.  They suit every season and occasion if worn right. I probably have close to 10 pleated skirts in my closet now and I guess it’s time to stop adding more.

Top: Club Monaco

Bottom: Goodwill Pleated Skirt

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

I’m  not the only one that’s gone gaga for pleats.  Tien is always looking polished, even when preggos.

Below is the skirt from Club Monaco that inspired my pleat and pastel obsession this summer.