A night at the bar…

When going to the bar and hanging out with friends.  I think a t-shirt and jeans is the perfect outfit.  I am also trying really hard these days to travel light.  So a little cross body purse is the perfect accessory.

Top: Club Monaco

Bottom: H&M (bought two years ago!)

Purse: Esprit from Goodwill for $5

Shoes: Halogen Size 4 from Nordstroms


yellow mellow

I am such a creature of habit.  Once I like something, I latch on to it.

Here’s my one of my favorite goodwill purchase of all time.  I am delighted that I can wear it at work.

I’ve also been reading a lot about marriage.  There’s so much to learn.

cardigan: club monaco

tank: goodwill

pants: banana republic

shoes: halogen size 4 (nordstrom)