New Year, Old Me.

ML dressed Nora last Sunday in this top and pant.   I thought it was too much pattern for one outfit but kept that criticism to myself.  I loved that the pants were only $1.49, that’s cheaper than a small coffee at Tim Hortons.

Bottom: Tangerine $1.49

Top: Carters $2.99

I usually don’t make new year resolutions. I have 4 goals that I try to work on every year.

1. Be more productive. This to me means going to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 5 am each and every day. I usually accomplish this goal between March to November. But the winter months are a struggle every year. Some day, I will be able to do this all year round.

2. Learn new things. The year I was on mat leave I took George Brown’s Baking Arts 1. I loved it so much. The Year before that I took their Culinary Arts Class.  Years before that I took an Adult Sewing Class at Sew Be It Studio.  I am a social learner. I need to be in a classroom and interact with people. Now with a second baby on the way, I am resigned to the fact that it will be 3 to 4  years before I can go back to the classroom. This means I have to look at online options.  Do you have any recommendations?

3. Stay in shape. This has been a nagging goal since I was a teenager. I remember getting a gym membership with my friend in high school at a local community centre and feeling so good about myself. I thought I was so cool for having a gym membership at 16. I have had personal trainers and my best experience has been Hour Glass Workout (HGW). Last year, I was adamant about getting my pre-baby waistline back that I did HGW, ran the Nike 15K and focused on eating a healthy diet. I did get my pre-baby waist back. Staying in shape has different meanings to different people. To me, it makes me feel like am I am the @hit! I should not be so dependent on a superficial idea but it works for me.

4. Nurture relationships. I’ve experienced great joy and great sadness.   I know life would be unbearable without amazing friends and family to share it with.   Even though I am a true loner at heart, I try to see friends and family as often as possible.

This year will be like any other year, I will continually to try to achieve all 4, at different times of course.  It’s hard  to kill it at all 4 all the time, which is fine by me.