Victoria Day

I have reignited my love affair with sewing. ¬†It’s “sew” much fun ūüėČ

I really think that when the time comes, I can sew my own wedding dress.  My mom tells me I am crazy to think so, but if I keep the design simple enough, it should be doable right?

Today’s piece is a skirt from ValueVillage. ¬†I personally hemmed with the sewing machine my ‘lil sister lent me. ¬†I like the pattern and it makes me feel so free and flowing.

I also threw away a ton of make up today. ¬†I can’t believe how much money I wasted on it.

skirt: from VV (JORDAN Blue Label)

tank: Club Monaco

necklace: local Toronto design that I can’t remember the name =(


A Sunday Kind of Love

I love how I can find clothes from all over the world at ValueVillage and Goodwill.  I am absolutely delighted when I find clothes from France, England and Japan.  Somehow the quality, pattern and fit always suite me so well.  It also makes me feel worldly wearing pieces from Japan even though I have never been there.  When I find items from England or France, it makes me reminisce about my past travels and day dream of going back.

I wore this out because the weather was wonderful in Toronto and I wanted today to be memorable.  ML and I went to sign the lease to our future home, what a great way to spend a Sunday.

Top: Francois Beauregard

Skirt: Liberty

Shoes – Fitzwell

(By the way, I would not recommend buying Fitzwell shoes from Zappos.  The quality is poor and it hurts)

I love Japan

I often meet people who notice how small my feet are. ¬†Being a size 4 in Canada is not easy. ¬†It’s very difficult and expensive to find shoes that are stylish.

Every so often I meet someone that has been to Japan and they tell me Japan sells lots of ¬†size 4 shoes. ¬†Thanks to Toronto’s diversity, I ¬†find shoes and clothes from Japan at ValueVillage and Goodwill some times. ¬†My latest finds are two classic black shoes that can be worn for work and leisure.

The post below with the blue skirt was a lot of fun to work on. ¬†My friend helped me take those pictures and we had such a good laugh taking it because we were trying to be discreet. ¬† I know it doesn’t sound very funny but I laughed my @ss off taking those pictures

Mennonite girls

I have a love for primary colour skirts. ¬†Red, orange, white, yellow etc…

Somehow when you are thrift shopping, these skirts are always supper long and I end up picturing a Mennonite girl wearing this skirt to a local farm dance. I usually hem them to the knee length and envision the different tops I can wear it with.

Also, I usually assume there are no petites clothes available in the big city of Toronto.  However, Goodwill and ValueVillage always has so many to choose from.  The skirt I wore today is from Garey Petites, to my suprise, this company is still in business.  (I am also going through a pleat phase, I love pleated skirts)

Garey Petites Skirt

Doin’ Laundry in Scarborough (ValueVillage)

ML and I are moving in with each other this summer.  After 10 years of dating,  I am finally ready for this big step.  I was probably ready a year ago =P

I am trying my best to furnish our home with recycled items so we do not clutter the earth.¬† I have been researching on how to achieve the perfect “flea market chic” look for our future home.

The dress I am showing today is one of my fave pieces that I got from ValueVillage. ¬†¬†I had no idea the dress was by a reputable brand Laundry by Shelli. ¬†It’s not super expensive when bought brand new, but at ValueVillage prices, how can you go wrong???

may already

I have come to terms that I live in Canada. Which means for more than 8 months out of the year, I will need to wear long sleeves and tights with any dress or skirt I fancy. It’s tough because every spring I am tempted to buy thin dresses and skirts that I may never wear or wear once a year. That’s why I now put every skirt through a test, I test whether it will look good with tights and boots.

I am happy the skirt below passes the test. I got it at Goodwill and thought it was some Italian brand. ¬† ¬†I wasn’t too disappointed when I googled it and found out it was a Chinese Brand.

I wore this skirt with a top from Banana Republic and classiques entier shoes.