Girls, just want to have fun…

A few weeks ago, was a good friend’s bachelorette party.

I had such a fun time dancing and it was great to be able to dress head to toe in my Goodwill finds. The dress code dictated by the bridesmaids were white + 80s theme.

I tried my best and this is what I was able to dig up in my closet.

The skirt in this outfit was very long when it got it.  The hemline  was down to my ankles.  I did a crappy job with the alteration but since this is a skirt intended for fun, I did not worry too much about it.

top: silk top from Goodwill

bottom: 80s skirt from Goodwill

accessories: necklace from Goodwill and ESPIRT purse from Goodwill

shoes: size 4 from Nordstrom / Stuart Weitzman