sew sew good

Two years ago, I took sewing lessons at Sew Be It and it was a great experience.  I decided to join their sewing club and brought a bunch of skirts there to work on.  It’s great to be able to come to the studio and be around other sewing enthusiast.  

Before I headed to Sew Be it, I had met up with a girl friend for lunch at Boom Breakfast. T and I always manage to have a great time, and me laughing hysterically at her jokes is a tradition that goes back to us being 15 year old girls.

On this fine day, I was dying to wear some Goodwill and Value Village find. I can’t remember which place I got this skirt but none the less, I am pretty happy with the hem job I did on it. As usual, it was one of those skirts that went down to my ankles and took my a few weeks to finish the hem job. I paired with one of my favorite pieces of clothing, a comfortable white t-shirt.

Top: Club Monaco

Bottom: Primavera Skirt (Goodwill or ValueVillage)

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Last, the day ended with me enjoying a beer with ML and our friend C. I really liked C’s t-shirt so I must share it with you.


Friday Fever

I decided to visit Goodwill afterwork today and check out the Friday Fever Sale.  It was ever so busy.  I was hoping to grab a shopping cart so I would not have to carry my laptop around but there was none in sight.  People were waiting at the cash area to get the cart as people finish paying for their items.

The location I went to was on Bloor near Yonge St. I will not be returning there when there is a sale. Way too many people and chances of getting something is low with that many people out hunting.

shirt: Banana Republic

skirt: unbranded from ValueVillage

shoes: Cole Haan


I’ve been in a rut lately with life.  I am very lucky to have wonderful parents, loving friends and  a caring partner that puts up with me.

I did not get a job that I applied for recently and it’s got me feeling down.  I am giving myself one evening to wallow, then move on to evaluate what I am doing wrong that I need to improve on.  In this case, I was too confident and took certain things for granted.

On a brighter note, every weekend seems to be filled with fun and friends.  The dress I am wearing here was worn at a friend’s bday party.  This is a dress by Nine West that is only sold at a handful of retailers in Toronto.  I do not understand why Nine West would not bring their clothes to Canada in greater distribution.  I got this great summer dress at ValueVillage and can’t wait to wear it again.  It made me feel tall and kept my legs warm when the temperature dropped at night.

Dress: Nine West (ValueVillage find)

Shoes: Michael Kors (Size 4 from Nordstrom Online)

THE Jeremy Scott

I want to start a BRAEMAR PETITES by Jeremy Scott  fan club.  There are a tonne at Value Village.  I even found this local DJ looking chic in Jeremy Scott.  Where is Jeremy Scott now?

This summer has been wonderful so far. ML and I have been out and about every weekend, enjoying the city and spending lots of time with friends. We had our first golf lesson and it was so much fun. I have a lot of respect for the sport.

Today’s outfit is all from ValueVillage. I have always been reluctant to spend a lot of money for pieces by Juicy Couture, but for $6.99 I could not help but take this shirt home. The detailing on the shirt is amazing, gold buttons, gold threading on the buttons, and the layering of the bows down the shirt, LOVE IT!


I love this skirt. It is unbelievably versatile. It can be worn in the summer as well as the dead of winter. I do think about who may have owned this skirt and how they styled it.

Shorter is Better

ML and I have a summer tradition, every year we attend the opening gala of the Worldwide Short Film Festival.  It can be hard to get ML go to the movies since he has a distaste pop culture Hollywood films. However, he doesn’t mind seeing short films which is why out of the past 4 years, we have only missed one year.

I saw this skirt at ValueVillage and fell in love with it.  It is red, one of my favorite colors and it is pleated.   I hemmed it short and it proves that shorter is better.

I also found the manufacturer of this skirt and it looks like they are still in business.  Apparently it is a made to order service and you can order more here

shoes: Cole Haan

shirt: Banana Republic XS

Skirt: Separate Editions by Koret <>