Growing up.

Here is a snap shot of a few items I picked up at ValueVillage.  The Roots sweat shirt is my favourite.  Not because of the brand, but because of who commissioned it.  If you look closely, it it also says TD Asset Management group.  What company commissions baby clothes for their employees kids?  Only over paid bank Asset Managers? These tops range from $1.99, $3.49 and $4.99.

Recently Updated

Recently, ML and I have been trying to shed some of our hold habits and beliefs we had while living with our parents. We both appreciate everything our parents have done for us but we realize that not all of their beliefs apply to our lifestyle as middle class canadians.  For example, we want our house to stop looking like it belongs to a couple in their 20s, too poor or lazy to decorate with nice furniture or art work.  I feel this is something that will take years for ML and I to accomplish. We are both cheap and lazy.  But we are focusing on one room at a time, so by the time Nora goes to school, she won’t be ashamed to invite friends over to play.


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