Inspirational: Jessica Houssain

First, our regular programming of fabulous value village finds.  I loved doing photo shoots with Nora before she started to crawl.  It was fun for me to plan what I was going to make her wear.  I also did it  for her grandparents who were hounding me daily for pictures of their precious granddaughter.

2014-07-11 17.08.232014-07-21 11.08.32  2014-07-21 11.09.30-1

Swimsuit – $2.99 Valuevillage

Brand: Baby Gap

Headband: Rhyla $16 U.S.

I was lucky enough to hear Jessica Houssain speak at an event this spring.  She is on the Board of the Canadian Women’s Foundation and Executive Director of a New York based NPO called Women Moving Millions.  I often think about what kind of work I want Nora to do when she grows up.  Jessica spoke with so much passion about travelling to Africa to help build wells to provide clean water, working with Unicef to fund life-saving programs for children in need and working with the Canadian Women’s Foundation to help abused women.  I want Nora to choose a career path that gives her personal and professional satisfaction, in the long run, those two things have to go hand in hand.  I know very few people who can say they feel that way about their job.  I should also say that Jessica comes from a very privileged background, the Houssain family is one of the richest families in Canada.  She could have gone on to become a captain of any industry and make even more money.  But for now, she is in the field of philanthropy, using her pedigree and connections for good.



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