busy summer

This mustard skirt is lovely.  The hem is the perfect length for work and the material is a light wool.  It would have been perfect for winter but I could not fit into it then.   After months of trying, I was finally able to fit into it and wore it to work last week.  I am contemplating donating it back to Goodwill if I don’t wear it 4 more times before the year ends.

Top: Club Monaco (it’s really a dress that I tucked in)

Bottom: United Colours of Benetton bought at Goodwill for $6

Shoes: Halogen Size 4 from Nordstrom

The picture below is one of me and Sandy Sanderson, Sr. Vice President of Marketing for Shoppers Drugmart and Murale (& fellow marathon runner), I’ll blog about meeting her next time.


2 thoughts on “busy summer

  1. The skirt was a great find for only $6 and you won’t be losing a lot through donating back again. I hope you get to wear it a few more times!

    I’m from Toronto too and my boyfriend & I quite enjoy sifting through the racks at Value Village. : )

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