If it’s good enough for Zsuzsanna M. Zsohar, it’s good enough for me…

For those of you who don’t know,Zsuzsanna M. Zsohar is the wife of Michael Ignatieff (former leader of the Liberal Party). A few years ago, I was at Scarborough Civic Centre while  he was campaigning.  It was interesting hearing him talk in person and try to relate to the low income and disenfranchised folks.

He comes to mind because his wife,  Zsuzsanna shops at Goodwill.  Even though she patronizes the shops in Yorkville, I have heard that she likes to shop at Goodwill every now and then.  She even has a favourite store location.

Michael Ignatieff with wife and Goodwill shopper Zsuzsanna M. Zsohar

My favourite goodwill location to donate is the Scarborough Eastown location at Brimley and Eglinton Avenue.  I was there just last week with ML dropping some old clothes and books off.  It was a nice day and I was able to capture a clear picture on my phone of the storefront.  It does not look like much, but this location provides a great avenue for folks to buy clothes and also provides great job training.  I also spotted a few grew item’s that I am dying to share next week.


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