Making it better…

Happy New Year!!  It’s been a great 2011 for me.  As with every passing year, I learn a little more, feel a little more humble and just thank the heavens that I get another year to make myself and my surroundings better.

I have some personal and professional projects planned.  A new marriage to work on and new friendships to nurture.  What can’t be neglected are friends that have been there, thick and through, family that will always love and support my flawed self.

During the holidays, I made a trip to Goodwill to try to create my first vlog.  It did not go well, but I did manage to find a few pieces to start a new series called “Style It”.  I found a straw tote that can easily  be paired with all the resort pieces I’ve been seeing.

Bag: Goodwill for $3

I would Style It with this easy and comfy outfit.  The weather in Toronto has been so nice, I wouldn’t have any hesitation debuing this bag. (can’t believe it’s 7 above zero on January 1!)

Straw Bag Outfit

Organic by John Patrick trench coat
$550 –

J brand skinny jeans
£190 –

TopShop leather boots
$185 –


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