Daily Meditation: Living with Less

Today, I am donating more books to Goodwill. I struggle with accumulating too many books.  I love to read and as a kid, my father introduced me to the world of books.

Albert Britnell’s at Yonge and Bloor was my dad’s favourite book store.  My dad is very frugal and the only time I saw him spend money was in a book store.

These are books that I’ve read need to pass them on to someone.  The Road Less Travel is special to me.  I’ve been reading it on and off for over 8-10 years.  I’ve bought a digital version now and there’s no need to keep it on the shelves.

The wedding book inspired me to make my wedding as simple, tasteful but uniquely me as much as possible.  One thing that is uniquely me at my wedding was the vases for the centre pieces.  Every single vase from my wedding was from Goodwill.  I paid no more than $30 for all the vases, even the big ones that were used in the entry way.


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