Daily Meditation – Give one thing away each day

For the past month, I’ve been trying to throw away one thing a day.  Sometimes it’s books that I’ve hold on for too long or shoes that hurt or clothes that no longer fit.

Today’s giveaway is a reflection of who I am not anymore.  I bought this set from Femme de Carrier years ago with my newly earned profession job.  I’ve hung onto it telling myself I’ll wear it on the weekends to the local produce or meat market.  But I never do, for several good reasons.  I no longer have the flat stomach that most 23 year olds do, this top cuts way too high that by belly fat will naturally protrude.

I guess I hung onto it hoping that I would regain my tiny 23 year old waist, but that’s wishful thinking and delusional.

Throwing something out every day (most days) allows me to reflect and remind myself what I don’t need and reminds me who I am not anymore.

It’s amazing what we hold onto.

Goodwill Donation: Femme de Carrier Cotton Set (will be steamed ironed before dropping off)


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