The City of Lights: Wish List

I am excited to be returning to Paris, this time on my honeymoon.  I expect Paris in the fall to be romantic and dreamy.  I think it’s way more fun to plan outfits for Paris in the fall than summer.

When I think of shopping in Paris, there are 10 quintessential things that come to mind. I don’t think ML will let me buy all 10 but a girl can dream.

1. ERES one piece swimsuit.  I have my one piece black Speedo swimsuit for post binging/feasting swim days but I’ve longed for a proper grown up one piece from ERES for a couple of years now.  I definitely want to pick up two classic styles in white and black. Below are the styles I am hoping to pick up, the blue one comes in black, yey!


2. Cosabella.  Even though it’s origin is in Italy.  When I first learned of Cosabella 3 or 4 years ago, I always thought it was a French transplant.  And even though there are a dozen or so shops that carry Cosabella in Toronto.  There’s no better place to pick up a couple of pieces from Cosabella than Paris, while on your honeymoon.

3. Longchamp. Suprise Suprise.  This one is quite predictable for females over 25 years of age.  I love this brand of bags.  They are understated. Their branding is not intrusive and they know how to keep it simple.  I have to small ones that I love. It’s very difficult to find a cross body Longchamp or one that has a shoulder strap.  I will definitely make a visit but whether I make a purchase is iffy.  I have more than my share of bags and would probably either choose one that is versatile.  One that can be used on the weekends as well as for work.


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