Orange Inspiration

My apartment is adjacent to a mall and a subway station. With all the rain that we’ve been getting, I find myself procrastinating at the book store flipping through tonnes of magazines and books for hours on end. During my last coffee break on a rainy Sunday, I found this layout that I really liked.


In Style Magazine - Orange Inspiration


After seeing this layout.  I was inclined to pick this up  at Goodwill.  There’s a few things that need to be to be altered.  I’d like to cut the sleeve so they become 3/4 sleeve.  For sure a hem job is needed for this dress as well as moving the waist line up.  I want to find a nice nude slip to wear under neath the dress it to give it a classic look and of course a nude belt would be a subtle contrast to round out the whole look.


Orange Dress from Goodwill



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