Louis Vuitton Fall 2010: Sense and Sensibility

The recent economic downfall was a huge tragedy that hopefully will never repeat itself.  Lots of people lost their jobs, many families lost their homes and America has not been this humbled since the great depression.

However, this tragedy brought sensibility to the fashion industry.  For a normal person like myself, it was great to see the runway filled with clothes that I could see myself in.  I do get inspired by the  imaginations of designers that stretch themselves artistically and challenge the norm.  But I think there needs to be a balance, I think that balance arrived with the Fall 2010 Collections.  My favourite in 2010 was Luis Vuitton’s ready to Wear Collection.

I love vintage cuts because it accentuates a woman’s figure.  Being short, I naturally gravitate towards pieces that can help elongate my short torso.  I was delighted when I saw LV’s Fall 2010 collection and realized I had pieces in my closet that matched it perfectly.  It was just a matter of making time to alter the hem line appropriately.

The skirt in my picture below is one of three wool skirts I picked up at Value Village.  I decided to make the hem line above the knee.  As much as I wanted to be close to the LV collection, it would not suit my short legs.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Inspired Look

Top: Banana Republic

Skirt: Value Village

Shoes: Halogen for Nordstrom

Louis Vuitton Ready To Wear Fall 2010

You can review Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2010 Collection here . And if you’ve seen their Fall 2011 collection, you’ll see what a departure Fall 2010 was from their usual elaborate designs.


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