Momofuku’s Fish Sauce

At least once a month, I get a sad feeling in my gut and it’s from missing my parents.  I probably sound like a big baby, but I don’t think you ever get too old to miss your parents when you leave home.  And I am told you miss and love your parents even more when you have your own children

I was lucky to live really close to my parents for quite a few years.  So everytime I was too lazy to cook, I would drop by.  Whenever I was sick, I would conveniently come home to be taken care of by the best care giver I know, my mother.

However, home is not as close as it used to be.  Every few weeks, I start to miss my parents.  I miss my mom’s terrific Vietnamese cooking, I miss my dad’s gentle reminder to eat and stay healthy.   I know asian parents tend to smother their children, but in a cold world, it’s very reassuring to know your parents will always be there for you, no matter what.

I have one routine that makes me feel like my parents are close by.  I like to make home made fish sauce.  It’s fairly simple but if still feels like a chore sometimes.  I usually use Momofoku’s recipe as a starting point but I always alter it.  For instance, the recipe calls for 3 thai chilies, which is totally not enough.  I usually triple / quadruple the recommended lime juice too.  When I finish making the fish sauce, I get a warm feeling and hope that my mom is somewhere in the suburbs, proud that I am continuing this Vietnamese tradition.


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