St Patty’s Day

My most memorable St Patty’s day was when ML and I spent it in San Fran.  It was both our first time there and we happened to find ourselves in front of a Irish Pub filled with mostly people in their 50s.  What was impressive was most of these people were quite attractive.  Dashing older men with their salt and pepper hair and slim figured women who knew the how to apply the right balance of make up and natural beauty.  We got a table, drank some green beers and watched a group of older single men woo a couple of ladies.  Another table had two couples on a double date.  The memory is still so vivid and it inspired me to always try and live life with Joie de Vive.

Which takes me to this year’s St. Patty’s day.  I got in the spirit by wearing a silk green blouse to work.  And at night, went to a party hosted by a couple of lovely friends. As usual, ML surprised me with his enthusiasm and holiday spirit.  He was in full custom and it was a thrill just looking at him.

The dress I wore is not that appropriate for this time of the year.  It’s a 70s dress from Goodwill.  I paid about $15 to hem it to my liking and it’s old polyester.  I can’t touch the surface too much as I find you can easily alter the texture.   I really want the weather to warm up so I can wear it without tights and spend morning to night in it.  I just love the 70s.  And it’s definitely making a come back this spring.

Green 70s Dress
Back View

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