Trick or Treat

I have never been a big fan of Halloween.  Probably because I am a bore.  But lately, ML’s enthusiasm for it has become contagious and this is my second year celebrating.  Although, at the start of the season, I always do ask myself, “really?really? at my age?”.  But then I realize life is too short to be cynical and complacent all the time.  Just do it and see how it goes.  I have no regrets.  We always end up having lots of fun and I am always glad I do it.

This year, all the boys went to ValueVillage to get their costume.  I am so proud of them and the costumes turned out great.

Halloween 2009
Halloween 2010













Both of my costumes were from ValueVillage and costs me less than $10.  I could not believe how much some costumes go for these days.  It’s already costly to go out at night with friends but to spend another $40 for a costume that you will will never wear again is so wasteful to me.  Especially in the age of Facebook where your past pictures are so easily accessible.  My tip for costumes is to stick to ones that have primary colors.  It will be easier to accessorize.


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