sew sew good

Two years ago, I took sewing lessons at Sew Be It and it was a great experience.  I decided to join their sewing club and brought a bunch of skirts there to work on.  It’s great to be able to come to the studio and be around other sewing enthusiast.  

Before I headed to Sew Be it, I had met up with a girl friend for lunch at Boom Breakfast. T and I always manage to have a great time, and me laughing hysterically at her jokes is a tradition that goes back to us being 15 year old girls.

On this fine day, I was dying to wear some Goodwill and Value Village find. I can’t remember which place I got this skirt but none the less, I am pretty happy with the hem job I did on it. As usual, it was one of those skirts that went down to my ankles and took my a few weeks to finish the hem job. I paired with one of my favorite pieces of clothing, a comfortable white t-shirt.

Top: Club Monaco

Bottom: Primavera Skirt (Goodwill or ValueVillage)

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Last, the day ended with me enjoying a beer with ML and our friend C. I really liked C’s t-shirt so I must share it with you.


2 thoughts on “sew sew good

  1. You have a great blog here – we miss T.O. only sometimes because our city of Kingston is beautiful and has lots of great stuff to do like Toronto. Good job on the conversion of your skirt. People are so shy to try that 🙂

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