I’ve been in a rut lately with life.  I am very lucky to have wonderful parents, loving friends and  a caring partner that puts up with me.

I did not get a job that I applied for recently and it’s got me feeling down.  I am giving myself one evening to wallow, then move on to evaluate what I am doing wrong that I need to improve on.  In this case, I was too confident and took certain things for granted.

On a brighter note, every weekend seems to be filled with fun and friends.  The dress I am wearing here was worn at a friend’s bday party.  This is a dress by Nine West that is only sold at a handful of retailers in Toronto.  I do not understand why Nine West would not bring their clothes to Canada in greater distribution.  I got this great summer dress at ValueVillage and can’t wait to wear it again.  It made me feel tall and kept my legs warm when the temperature dropped at night.

Dress: Nine West (ValueVillage find)

Shoes: Michael Kors (Size 4 from Nordstrom Online)


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