A Sunday Kind of Love

I love how I can find clothes from all over the world at ValueVillage and Goodwill.  I am absolutely delighted when I find clothes from France, England and Japan.  Somehow the quality, pattern and fit always suite me so well.  It also makes me feel worldly wearing pieces from Japan even though I have never been there.  When I find items from England or France, it makes me reminisce about my past travels and day dream of going back.

I wore this out because the weather was wonderful in Toronto and I wanted today to be memorable.  ML and I went to sign the lease to our future home, what a great way to spend a Sunday.

Top: Francois Beauregard

Skirt: Liberty

Shoes – Fitzwell

(By the way, I would not recommend buying Fitzwell shoes from Zappos.  The quality is poor and it hurts)


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